Northern Pike

There may be no more thrilling, or productive way to catch Northern Pike than on a fly.

Esnagami Lake provides some of the best trophy Northern Pike fishing that you will experience anywhere – and to say that they love to attack a fly is perhaps one of the greatest angling understatements of all time.

Known for its numerous bays and weed beds, Esnagami Lake provides prime habitat for monster Pike, with many fish over 40” taken each year.

Let our experienced guides show you why, when it comes to catching trophy Northern Pike, that Esnagami Wilderness Lodge is known as the Land of the Giants.

More photos of Esnagami pike


For Northern’s, we recommend rods in the 8 – 10 weight category, preferably with a fast action tip, rigged with weight – forward line. We would also suggest bringing along a weight forward slow, or intermediate sinking line as well. 

When pursuing these aggressive, toothy predators strong tippet and leader material is a must, and we would therefore suggest using a 4 - 5ft. fluorocarbon tippet with a steel knot-able or steel leader.

When it comes to flies, the bigger and flashier the better.

4” - 7” streamers, poppers, bunny tails, Deceivers, Clouser Minnow’s and some diving flies, such as a Dahlberg Diver in white, yellow, chartreuse, black, brown, blue/silver with plenty of flash have all proven to be effective.