Terminal tackle set-up on fly fishing for big pike

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Esnagami Lodge is starting up a weekly series on fishing tips. Just send us your questions for either tackle or fly fishing, and we will answer one each week.

1. The first is from Bob U... "I have a question regarding your choice of leader while fly fishing for pike/musky. Can you explain what you run and how you attach it? I have experimented with several options but you seem to have it dialed in. I will typically always use a 9ft 8wt, unless it windy or I'm throwing an exceptionally large fly then I will go up to a 9wt".


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Esnagami Wilderness Lodge offers a variety of accommodation packages to suit your preferences and needs. Choose either the full-service 6 day American Plan, or our value-oriented Housekeeping Plan package.

Your fly-in fishing trip begins early Saturday morning, starting with a scenic 15-minute float plane trip from the Nakina Air Service base on Cordingly Lake.



When Esnagami Lake Lodge in Northwestern Ontario changed hands a number of years ago, it came along with all the usual stuff, such as boats, motors, miscellaneous equipment, and one other unexpected and, as it turned out, critical asset - a very special guide by the name of Baptiste.

As close as anyone could figure he was likely in his late sixties at the time, but no one really knew for sure.


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Nakina, Ontario, Canada P0T 2H0 (807) 329-5209

Our planes leave from the air base on Cordingley Lake just north of Nakina. It is just a short 10 minute flight from our air base to the Main Lodge on Esnagami Lake. Please phone for exact times.


The Esnagami

A Mighty River is Made Up of Many Single Drops - Afghan Proverb

There is something very special about rivers.

They come in all shapes and sizes, and while we have managed to mess up quite a few of them, there are still an impressive number that, having been left to their own devices, continue to provide us with the opportunity to play at beingLesVoyageur as we travel along them to this day.