GPS Navigation on Esnagami Lake

How to find your way back to the lodge

Navigation on Esnagami Lake, even for the first time visitor, can be simple. If you worry that it will be difficult to find your way back to the lodge, help is available. The Esnagami Lake depth chart (map) is included in the Boating US & Canada App by Navionics. The app works with many mobile devices without data (GPS Location must be enabled on the device though) and will help you in navigation on the lake and finding the depth or your favourite fishing sport next time while you are on the water. It’s definitely worth trying.


Terminal tackle set-up on fly fishing for big pike

Esnagami Lodge is starting up a weekly series on fishing tips. Just send us your questions for either tackle or fly fishing, and we will answer one each week.

1. The first is from Bob U... "I have a question regarding your choice of leader while fly fishing for pike/musky. Can you explain what you run and how you attach it? I have experimented with several options but you seem to have it dialed in. I will typically always use a 9ft 8wt, unless it windy or I'm throwing an exceptionally large fly then I will go up to a 9wt".